Crosses/Crucifixes - Items tagged as "13/16" cross"

Collection of Crosses and crucifixes are getting bigger.
View all !2 inch Cross !inch St Benedict medal 1" crucifix 1/2 inch crucifix 10" crucifix 10" wall crucifix wood 10" wood crucifix 10"Crucifix 10/16" crucifix 12" crucifix 13 3/4 " Crucifix 13" wood crucifix 13/16" cross 14" 14" standing crucifix 2" crucifix 20" 24" crucifix 3" 4 way Medal Cross 4 way medal sterling silver 4-way medal red enameled 5" crucifix 5" wood cross 7" 7" Crucifix 7" wall crucifix 7/8" 8" Crucifix 8" standing crucifix 8" wall crucifix silver 9 inch crucifix wood 9" standing crucifix gold 9" wood crucifix auto crucifix auto crucifix dashboard automobile baby baby cross Baptism Baptism gift Baptism gift boy benedict benedict crucifix Benedict Crucifix 13" benedictine Bethlehem beveled Beveled Walnut Wall Crucifix big big crucifix Black black crucifix Blessing for the house gift blue Baptism Cross blue crucifix blue enamel standing cross 6" boy boy catholic gift boy praying on cross brass cross for boy's first communion brass gold plated bronze crucifix car Catholic Baptism Catholic Baptism Gift Catholic beads catholic cross catholic crucifix catholic gift cross Catholic Jewelry Catholic medal Catholic Medallion catholic necklace catholic prayer beads Catholic rosaries Celtic Cross Celtic Cross Green Celtic Crucifix Cetic Cross cherry Child's gift Christ's life Cross Confirmation confirmation cross confirmation cross wood confirmation crucifix confirmation gift cord brown Cross cross baptism pink cross for reconciliation Cross gift cross girl praying cross glitter ornament Cross Heart jewelery Cross Medal Cross Medallion cross of medals Crosses / Crucifixes crossword crucifix crucifix for sick calls crucifix for the home Crucifix Holy Trinity Crucifix Medal crucifix medallion crucifix san damiano crucifix sick set-up crystal beads crystal lasso Cubic Zirconia Silver Cross Dark Wood Crucifix enamel Eucharistic minister extra large rosary first commuion First Communion first communion cross First communion wall cross four way Four Way Medal gift cross gift cross first communion Gift Sets girl girl baptismal gift Gold Gold over Silver Crucifix Gold 4-way medal Gold Celtic cross Gold Celtic crucifix Gold Croos gold cross Gold Crucifix gold filled gold jesus on silver cross crucifix gold lords prayer crucifix gold over silver crucifix gold over sterling silver gold over sterling silver 4-way cross medal Gold over sterling silver cross gold over sterling silver crucifix Gold over Sterling Silver Heart and Cross Gold over Sterling Silver with Silver Heart Gold over Sterling Silver with Silver Heart(15/16") on 18" Gold plated chain Gold overlay on Sterling Silver Gold Papal Crucifix gold silver crucifix 2" gold wedding cross green celtic cross Hand Painted Crucifix Holy Catholic rosary holy first communion cross holy first Communion gift holy rosaries Holy Rosary holy spirit cross holy spirit crucifix holy trinity Holy Trinity Cross Holy Trinity Crucifix Holy trinity statue Home blassing Cross home blessing Home Crucifix inspirational Irish Jerusalem Jerusalem cross jesus jesus life cross Jesus life pictures cross jesus statue Jewelry John Paul Papal Crucifix keychain kneeling boy kneeling girl large large crucifix Large Rosary large silver crucifix Lasso Lent life of jesus wall plaque lobster claw made in the usa made in USA mahogany crucifix maltese cross McVan Medal Medallion Medallions medals medals cross medium cross mens catholic jewelry mens jewelry Metal Crucifix metal inlay My Saint My Hero My Saint MY Hero Necklace nail cross NECKLACE necklace my saint my hero silver New Home gift office crucifix office gift olive olive wood one inch crucifix Ornament Papal Crucifix pearl and wood crucifix polished cross prayer beads praying girl cross Productos en Español Protection cross Purple Squeezable Cross red enamel standing cross resin corpus Rosaries Rosary Rosary Beads rosary for the home rose gold rose gold cross rose gold crucifix saint saint Benedict cross 10" saint Benedict Necklace saint benedict wall crucifix saint franciss san damiano san damiano 11" San Damiano Cross San Damiano Cross Bronze san damiano cross necklace San Damiano Crucifix San Damiano crucifix Icon Large serenity prayer sick call crucifix silver Silver cross Silver crucifix silver and gold crucifix silver capped beads silver corpus silver cross Silver Crucifix silver Crucifix Irish Celtic Silver heart and cross silver Papal crucifix silver wedding cross siver cross small cross small crucifix small silver cross squeezable red cross st benedict crucifix St Benedict medal cross St Bennedict crucifix St Valentines Gift st. Benedict wall crucifix st. Benedict St. Benedict wall crucifix St. Bridget st. Francis Tau Cross st> standing benedict crucifix Standing Crucifix standing crucifix 6" confirmation stations of the Cross crucifix sterling silver Sterling silver 4-way cross Sterling silver Celtic cross Sterling silver celtic crucifix sterling silver cross Sterling silver crucifix Sterling Silver Crucifix 1 1/4" Sterling Silver Crucifix 7/8" Sterling silver Heart and Cross Straw tau tomaso cross tree of life tutone tutone 1 1/2 inch crucifix tutone crucifix two tone two tone cross two tone crucifix two-tone crucifix Two-Tone Sterling Silver Crucifix unique catholic cross unique cross unique gold cross unique silver cross victorian crucifix cross wall wall cross wall crucifix wall crucifix 13 inch wall crucifix san damian wall rosary walnut walnut 10" cruciifix walnut crucifix Wedding wedding cross wedding cross by Tomaso wedding cross pewter wedding cross wood wedding gift wedding gift cross wedding Lasso wedding lazo white baptism gift cross wood wood and medal wood croos wood crucifix wood crucifix 12 inches wood crucifix 13 Wood Rosary wood tau cross

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