Religious Medals
View all !inch St Benedict medal 1 1/4" Miraculous Medal 1 inch St Christopher 1 St Francis Medal 1" blue enamel miraculous medal 1" gold Miraculous Medal 1" Miraculous Medal 1" St Christopher Medal 1" St Jude Medal 1" St. Sophia Medal 1/2" Miraculous Medal 27" light Rhodium chain 3/4 inch St Anthony. 3/4 inch St Michael 3/4 inch St Peregrine 3/4 Our Lady of Gudalupe Medal 3/4" Miraculous Medal 3/4" St Christopher Medal 4 way Medal Cross 4-way medal cord angel piece for pocket Angels Array baby medal angel Baptism Baptism Medal benedictine necklace my saint Blue Enamel Blue Enameled Heart Miraculous Medal Blue Miraculous Medal blue small miraculous medal blue st christopher medal Book on Angels Book on Angels for Kid brown scapular brown scapular benedict medal cat pet medal Catholic Baptism Medal Catholic Jewelry catholic Medal catholic medal for dog Celtic Crucifix Cetic Cross Childrens book on angels Christmas pocket token Clare de Assisi Clare De assisi medal Confirmation confirmation token Crib Medal El Escapulario Verde faith token firefighter token catholic First Communion first communion metal piece francis cat medal Gift Sets Glow in thedark crib medal gold and blue Miraculous medal Gold Celtic cross Gold Celtic crucifix Gold Miraculous Medal Gold Our Lady Of Guadalupe medal Gold Over Sterling Silver Holy Spirit Medal gold silver Benedict medal Gold St Christopher Gold st michael medal Gold St peregrine gold with blue epoxy medal Guardian angel crib guardian angel sterling silver medal holy spirit medal I Am Catholic token Italian Token Jewelry Jewelry catholic joseph worker token Medal for Police officers medal for firemen Medal for Patron saint of painters medal miraculous large silver medal ofSophia medal piece catholic Medal St Michael police shield metal crucifix crown of thorns metal piece catholic Miraculous Medal Miraculous Medal in a heart Miraculous medal with blue stones monstrance token My Saint My Hero navy St. Christopher Medal OLG Medal one inch Miraculous Medal one inch St Christopher Our Lady of Guadalupe medal Our Lady of Perpetual Help medal our lady of sorrows medal Our Lady of Sorrows Sterling Silver Trinity Symbol Medal Padre Pio Token patron of Music Medal Patron saint of accountants patron saint of Authors medal Patron saint of Bankers Patron saint of Children patron saint of gardening medal Patron saint of ireland Medal Patron saint of Missionaries medal Patron saint of Mothers Medal patron saint of peace medal patron saint of police officer medal Patron Saint of women in Labor pet medal dog Pink Cubic Zircon Miraculous Medal pocket token for faith pocket token st Francis pocket token st. Benedict Pocket Token St. Michael Pocket Token St. Sebastian police medal rosa mystica token Rosebud Miraculous medal Saint Benedict Saint Faustina token saint joseph medal Saint Jude Token Saint Luke Medal saint medal fireman saint medal for Dog Saint paul of the Cross medal Saint Sebastian Baseball Medal Saint Sophi Medal Saints San Jose Token Scapul;ar Medal silver and blue miraculous medal Silver Holy Spirit Medal Silver Saint Patrick Medal Silver Scapular medal Silver St Francis Medal Silver St Paul Medal Silver St Therese Medal Silver Sterling St Jude Medal St St Anne Medal St Benedict medal cross St Cecelia medal St Christopher st Christopher medal St Faustina St Faustina Medal St Joan of Arc medal St Joseph st joseph medal St Jude Medal St Jude medal 3/4" St Jude Thaddeus St Matthew medal St Michael for Military st michael gold medal St Michael medal St Michael Medal for Police st michael police medal St Michael Shield Medal St Michael Sterling Silver medal St Nicholas St Nicholas Medal St Patrick Medal St Paul Medal St Peregrine medal St Sebastian Medal St Therese Medal St Tomothy medal St. Anthony Pocket Tokens st. Clare Medal St. Clare of Assisi St. francis Dog Medal St. Francis Pocket Tokens St. Francis Sterling Silver Medal St. Luke Medal St. Mark Medal st. Peter Medal St. Rita Pocket Token St. Rose Medal Sterling silver 4-way cross Sterling silver Celtic cross Sterling silver celtic crucifix sterling silver cross Sterling Silver Holy Spirit Medal sterling silver miraculous medal Sterling Silver Miraculous Medal Pendant sterling silver miraculous rosebud medal sterling silver our lady of guadalupe Sterling Silver Peregrine medal sterling silver saint chritopher medal Sterling silver scapular meada Sterling Silver Scapular Medal Sterling Silver St Anne medal Sterling Silver St Anthony medal Sterling silver St Cecelia Medal Sterling Silver St Christopher Sterling Silver St Francis Sterling silver st Michael Sterling silver St MIchael medal Sterling Silver St Paul Medal Sterling Silver St Therese Medal Sterling Silver St. Christopher Medal Sterling Silver St. Christopher Medal 1" Sterling Silver St. Michael the Archangel Navy Medal pendant Sterling Silver St. Sebastian Medal Sterling St Christopher Medal Stomach problem Saint token Saint joseph Virgen Mary Zachary Medal