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St Joseph Oil: What is Blessing Oil Used For?

St Joseph Blessed Oil: What is This Blessing Oil Used for?

(Blessed in the Old Rites)

The oil is revered for its role in anointing and bestowing blessings and is believed to possess the intrinsic power of healing and protective properties.

St Joseph Blessed Oil
St Andre Bessete and blessed oil

The Origin of St. Joseph Oil

Brother Andre Bessette heard about a devotion being practiced by believers in France. He would often put an oil lamp burning in the statue of St. Joseph. 

Whenever sick people came to visit him, he would give them the oil and tell them to rub it on their ailing bodies.

Many would feel instant relief. However, Brother Andre would always tell them it was not him, but St. Joseph who healed them. 

Most importantly, the grace of God and their prayers had healed them.

This tradition continues, thus the birth of blessed oil of St. Joseph. 

The people in Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal leave a basin with vegetable oil and a wick burning for days as a perpetual consecrated lamp. They put the oil in bottles whenever some pilgrims visit and request one with a minimal fee.

Joseph Anointing Explained

In the Bible, anointing is a common practice where one rubs oil into someone’s feet. Jesus has been anointed many times by the people who believed in Him. 

Moreover, anointing can also mean the presence of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life.

In short, Joseph's anointing is to have a spiritual connection with God and be strengthened by this connection. 

The use of oil is a veneration, a token of honor, and a symbol of belief and consecration. Nowadays, anointing oil and the presence of the Holy Spirit are used to ask for spiritual healing through prayers. 

What is Blessing Oil Used For

In Christianity, blessing oil, also known as anointing oil, has many common uses. A lay person can use it anytime. For some believers, it can purify or heal your spiritual being.

st joseph oil

Anointing and Blessings

The oil is revered for its role in anointing and bestowing blessings. It is often used in religious ceremonies, including the anointing of individuals, objects, and spaces.

The act of anointing with blessed oil is a symbolic gesture. It invokes the protection and guidance of St. Joseph, seeking his intercession in times of need.

The blessing oil is a significant part of Catholic rituals and plays a vital role in the spiritual life of the faithful.

Personal and Spiritual Uses

Beyond its religious significance, the blessed oil also has a profound impact on individuals' personal and spiritual lives. Many people use it as a means of deepening their connection to God.

With such oil, they find solace and foster spiritual growth. It can be a source of inspiration, comfort, and a reminder of the values that St. Joseph represents. These values are integrity, humility, and devotion.

St. Joseph is, after all, the patron saint of workers, families, travelers, house sellers and buyers, craftsmen, fathers and expectant mothers, engineers, workers, the Universal Church, and many more.

Healing and Protection Properties

The blessed oil of St. Joseph is believed to possess the intrinsic power of healing and protective properties. It is often used to seek protection from harm, both physical and spiritual.

Pilgrims often visit a shrine and get a bottle or two to cure bodily and spiritual ailments. 

Whether you are looking to safeguard your home, your loved ones, or yourself, the anointing oil is considered a powerful ally in times of need.

spiritual use of blessed oil
St Joseph blessed oil

Where to Buy Blessed Oil

Blessed oil is typically obtained through religious or spiritual channels, and it may not be available for purchase in the same way as commercial products. Here are some common ways to acquire blessed oil:

Church or Religious Institution

Religious Pilgrimage Sites

Online Religious Retailers

Request from a Priest or Clergy

FAQs about St Joseph Oil

What is St. Joseph oil used for?

Many Catholics and non Catholics use the blessed oil of St. Joseph in religious practices for blessings, protection, and seeking the intercession of the beloved patron, the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus. Many used it in various life situations and home-related matters.

What is the prayer for St. Joseph healing oil?

There isn't a standardized or universally recognized prayer specifically for healing oil. The use of the saint’s oil is often incorporated into broader religious or spiritual prayers. The specific words or blessings used may vary among different traditions and individuals. 

If you have the oil and wish to use it for healing or blessings, you can consult with a priest, deacon, clergy member, or spiritual advisor in your faith community for guidance. Together, you can pray for enlightenment.

What are the offerings for St. Joseph?

Common offerings to St. Joseph include lilies, bread, wine, candles, statues, prayers, acts of charity, and donations to the poor. The specific choice of offering may vary based on cultural and individual traditions within Christian communities.

What is the morning offering to St. Joseph?

The morning offering to St. Joseph is a personal prayer in which individuals dedicate their day's work, joys, and sufferings, seeking his guidance and protection. It's a heartfelt expression of devotion and trust in the saint's intercession in daily life and work.

Is St Joseph's oil blessed?

Yes, it is. The choice of oil, often olive oil or any vegetable, is left at the altar of St. Joseph.

Is Blessed oil the same as Holy Oil?

No. A holy oil is reserved and only used by a priest or a bishop in a sacrament. There are only three holy oils: the oil of the sick, holy chrism, and the oil of catechumens.

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