A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens

Paraclete Press

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Most of us know the story, but perhaps you or someone you love has never read the original novella — a story that changed the English-speaking world's understanding of what it means to celebrate Christmas.

This new edition of A Christmas Carol is a lovely gift book for anyone who doesn't yet own the timeless classic. Who can resist the story of the bad-tempered Ebenezer Scrooge's transformation into a kinder and more loving version of himself? The visiting ghosts of past, present, and future? The deeply good Bob Cratchit and his son Tiny Tim? Create or revive a tradition and gather to read this classic tale each and every year.

This new edition is beautifully published and economically priced. It's a lovely gift book for anyone who doesn't yet own this classic tale that should be read each and every year as Christmas comes 'round.

Includes illustrations from the original 1843 edition!

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