Blue Holy Face Crystal Chaplet Beads and Prayers ( No Box )


$ 23.99 

6 dark blue crystal beads for each of the Five wounds. Silver Holy Face centerpiece and matching crucifix. Comes with a full illustrated how to pray the Holy Face Chaplet Pamphlet. 

The Holy Face CHaplet Beads were inspired by Sr. Mary of St. Peter, a Holy Carmelite Nun of Tours, France, who revealed a devotion by our Lord November 15, 1843.

The first 30 beads recall the 30 years of Jesus hidden life. They are divided into 5 of 6 beads each. Each one represents one of the 5 senses. TOUCH, HEARING, SIGHT, SMELL, TASTE. Each decade is said meditating on one of the 5 senses to offer reparative homage for all the suffering and disrespect JESUS endured through the senses of His Holy Face during His passion. The center is an embossed image of Jesus and is similar to that of the Shroud of Turin . Around the edge in Latin are the words "Lord Shine The Light of His countenance upon us".

Comes in a deluxe black velvet box