Empower Seed of Life Anklet Gold on Tan Cord


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A thought becomes. A word impacts. A step creates. Where you step can bring you one foot closer to what you desire. But how you step carries the power of momentum by inspiring those around you. Wear this anklet as a commitment to let every step be anchored in love. Wear one, share one—then walk the path together.

We invite you to journey with us to the town of Magdala. Nia Peeples and I journeyed here and immersed ourselves in the sacred waters of the Galilee, we walked the footsteps of Christ and prayed in the very synagogue that the Empower symbol was emblazoned on the first altar. We prayed for you and for all the people wearing this symbol that they may feel the love of being linked together on earth as it is in heaven. Wear Empower and be empowered through the unfailing love of God! - Amy


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