Fr. Benedict Answers Your Questions by Benedict Groeschel


$ 17.95 

Beloved spiritual master and psychologist Fr. Benedict Groeschel tackles an array of personal questions in his refreshingly frank, conversational way. With his characteristic wit and wisdom, Fr. Groeschel addresses everything from hot-button topics in the Church to ways to explain what Catholics believe to advice on increasing your devotion to our Eucharistic Lord.

In answering more than a hundred questions selected from Fr. Groeschel’s epochal EWTN Sunday Night Live show, he candidly, concisely, and compassionately shares insights from his clinical and practical experiences about:

  • Divorce, remarriage, and same-sex attraction
  • Who is really allowed to receive Holy Communion at Mass
  • What to do when you’re at your wits’ end over family discord
  • How best to approach forgiveness — of others and of self
  • How you can help restore reverence and awe at Mass
  • Depression and fruitful ways to combat it

Interestingly, Fr. Groeschel also reveals what happened when he almost died and how you should approach the afterlife. He further explains the sacraments and the mystery of God’s grace in your life. You will find tips on how to discern God’s will, assess the value of literature and other media, and arm yourself against the devil’s tactics.

You will also learn how to make better confessions (it’s easier than you may think!), overcome grief, and hold on to hope in times of suffering and darkness. Fr. Groeschel discusses crises from liberalism to vocation shortages to abuse, and elucidates the mindset behind abortion, other life issues, and attacks against the Church.

Through examples of various saints’ astounding confidence in God, Fr. Groeschel explains why you should trust in God’s mercy. You will also learn the secret to keeping the Faith in a dying culture and how to win your loved ones back to the Faith (you will be surprised!).

Fr. Groeschel also breaks open Marian devotion, the roles of science and religion, and how to show in your daily living what it means to be a true Christian.