Golden Arrow Prayer Card


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This prayer card contains the "Golden Arrow" prayer, given to Sister Mary of St. Peter who was a Carmelite nun in France. Through an internal vision of Jesus in 1843, she saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus pierced by a Golden Arrow. Jesus gave her this prayer so that one could "shoot directly into the Heart of God" and heal the wounds inflicted on it through sacrilege and blasphemy against his Holy Name.

In her biography, Sister Mary of St. Peter writes, “My name is everywhere blasphemed!...He then made me see that this frightful sin wounds His divine Heart more grievously than all other sins, showing me how by blasphemy the sinner curses Him to His Face, attacks Him publicly, nullifies his redemption, and pronounces his own judgment and condemnation. Our Lord then made me visualize the act of blasphemy as a poisoned arrow continually wounding His divine Heart. After that He revealed to me that He wanted to give me a ‘Golden Arrow’ which would have the power of wounding Him delightfully, and which would also heal those other wounds inflicted by the malice of sinners.” (August 26, 1843)

Our Lord asked that this prayer be prayed everyday before the Blessed Sacrament or before a picture of the Holy Face.

About the Design:

The front of the card depicts the Sacred Heart of Jesus, pierced by the Golden Arrow referred to in Sister Mary of St' Peter's visions.

About the Card:

  • Front of Card: Golden Arrow watercolor
  • Back of card: Golden Arrow prayer
  • 5" x 3.5" card with rounded corners
  • Thick cardstock paper