Guardian Angel Crib Medallon Plaque - 18 in.


$ 79.99 
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Introducing the "Guardian Angel Crib Medallion Plaque," a beautiful and comforting addition to any baby's crib. This precious medallion features an intricate design that depicts a guardian angel watching over a sleeping baby, bringing peace and protection to the little one.

The medallion is made from high-quality materials and features a beautiful silver-toned finish that adds to its charm and elegance. Its petite size and lightweight design make it easy to hang on the side of any crib or bassinet, ensuring that your little one always has their guardian angel close by.

The Guardian Angel Crib Medallion Plaque also makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for new parents or expecting parents. Its timeless design and message of protection and love make it a cherished keepsake that can be passed down for generations to come.

This medallion plaque is not only a beautiful addition to any nursery, but also serves as a reminder of the powerful and comforting presence of guardian angels. It reminds us that we are never alone and that our guardian angels are always watching over us, bringing us peace and protection in times of need.

Experience the beauty and comfort of the Guardian Angel Crib Medallion Plaque. This beautiful and timeless medallion serves as a powerful reminder of the presence of guardian angels and brings comfort and protection to any baby's crib.