Nativity Mini Iman - 1 in.


$ 13.99 

Introducing the Nativity Mini Iman - a charming and versatile addition to your holiday decorations. This delightful miniature nativity set brings the story of the birth of Jesus to life, allowing you to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in a compact and magnetic design.

The Nativity Mini Iman features a set of beautifully crafted figurines, meticulously painted with attention to detail. Each character, from the holy family to the wise men and shepherds, radiates a sense of serenity and awe. The intricate facial expressions and graceful postures capture the essence of the nativity scene, making this set truly captivating.

Made with high-quality materials, the Nativity Mini Iman is built to last. The durable resin figurines are complemented by small magnets that securely hold them in place on the included magnetic base. This innovative design allows for easy arrangement and rearrangement of the nativity scene, letting you create your own unique display on any magnetic surface.

The set includes the holy family - Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus - along with the wise men, shepherds, and a variety of animals. Each piece seamlessly attaches to the magnetic base, ensuring stability and preventing accidental displacement. The compact size of the set makes it perfect for adorning refrigerators, magnetic boards, or even metallic Christmas trees.

The Nativity Mini Iman is not only a decorative piece but also a meaningful symbol of faith and joy. It serves as a reminder of the miracle of Christmas and the profound love embodied in Jesus' birth. It's an excellent addition to your holiday decor, evoking a sense of wonder and inspiring reflection during the festive season.

Whether you're looking to start a new family tradition or seeking a unique gift, the Nativity Mini Iman is a perfect choice. Its craftsmanship, versatility, and heartfelt symbolism make it a cherished and versatile piece for any Christmas enthusiast.

Celebrate the magic of Christmas with the Nativity Mini Iman, and let its magnetic charm bring warmth and joy to your home. Create a truly personalized nativity scene that tells the story of hope, love, and redemption, while cherishing the traditions that make this season so special.