Our Lady of Coromoto Statue 8"


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Exquisite statue of Our Lady of Coromoto (patroness of Venezuela) 

Handmade in Columbia. Hand painted by local Artisans (Widows from the local violence)  and finely crafted. The quality can be seen throughout the workmanship. The detail amazing

When the city of Guanare (capital of Portuguesa state) was founded in 1591, the Indian tribe who inhabited the region, the Cospes, fled to the northern jungle. When the Roman Catholic Church began to evangelize its efforts were at first resisted.[1] There is a legend that the Virgin Mary appeared twice to the chief of the local tribe, once in 1651 in a river canyon when she told him to be baptised, and again, when he was still refusing baptism, on September 8, 1652, when she appeared in his hut. This time he is said to have tried to grab her and she vanished, leaving behind a small painting of her.