Pieta Plaque 8 inch


$ 30.99 
SKU: 540C

Introducing our Pieta Plaque, a stunning piece of religious art that captures the moving moment when Mary holds the body of her son, Jesus, after his crucifixion.

This beautifully crafted plaque features intricate details and a rich, vibrant finish that brings the scene to life in stunning detail. Mary's expression of sorrow and love, and the intricate folds of her garments, are depicted with remarkable realism, while the features of Christ's body are rendered with impressive accuracy and sensitivity.

Measuring a modest size, the Pieta Plaque is perfect for display in a home, office, or sacred space. It can be hung easily on a wall using the included hook on the back, or it can be placed on a stand or easel for a more prominent display.

The Pieta Plaque is a powerful symbol of the love and sacrifice of Christ and his mother Mary. It serves as a reminder of the depth of their love for humanity and inspires us to deepen our own connection to the divine. It also makes for a meaningful and thoughtful gift for anyone seeking to enrich their spiritual practice or connect more deeply with their faith.

Overall, the Pieta Plaque is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any collection of religious art. It is a moving tribute to the power of love and sacrifice and a testament to the enduring message of hope and redemption found in the Christian faith. 

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