Priest Answers 27 Questions You Never Thought to Ask by Fr. Michael Kerper


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Do ghosts really exist?

Do I have to give money to every beggar who comes along?

Is it okay to be cremated?

How many times have you asked questions such as these but never took the time to seek the answer? And not just any answer — a Catholic answer!

With wit and enthusiasm, Fr. Michael Kerper — a popular Catholic priest in New England — tackles over two dozen such questions in this fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable book.

Read this book, and you’ll soon know the answers to questions such as:

  • Holding hands and kissing: why does everyone do something different at Mass?
  • What is — and isn’t — a heresy?
  • Why doesn’t Pope Francis like pets?
  • What ever happened to Limbo?
  • Why can’t women become priests?
  • Can Catholics believe in reincarnation?
  • Is it okay to be cremated?
  • Why are the psalms so violent?
  • Was Christ really born on Christmas Day?
  • Do ghosts really exist?
  • Why do priests get moved?

Fr. Kerper tackles each question head-on, relying on Scripture, tradition, the Catechism, and the writing of the saints.

Read this book, and you’ll soon be armed with little-known knowledge that will fascinate and impress all those who have never taken the time to seek the Catholic answer.