Sacred Heart of Jesus Fontanini Statue 6 1/2"


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A beautifully designed and handcrafted 6 1/2" Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue. Wonderful statuary for small children because it does not chip or break easy. These collectables will stay in the family generation after generation.

Over a hundred years of quality and tradition in the art of creating statues, that have last over four generations.
This is the business card of Fontanini company, established in 1908 in Bagni di Lucca. A brand that has become, internationally, a synonym of an expression of high class craftsmanship and in most part of the world is associated with nativities and religious articles of high quality.

The generational success of the company is in the awareness that its production must have the characteristics of always: warmth, sincerity, love and passion of all those who contribute to the creation of these marvellous pieces, sure that the desire to continue the ancient tradition is the key to future success.

  • Dimensions:6 1/2"H
  • Material: Resin (virtually unbreakable)


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