San Damiano Wood Crucifix (15")


Escreva uma crítica
$ 48.99 
SKU: W108

This Icon Crucifix is a wonderful gift to those who love San Damiano and St. Francis. 15" tall will look great at home or the work place. Made In Italy

Great unique gift to really inspire the Faith.The cross is called an icon cross because it contains images of persons who have a part in the meaning of the cross. The tradition of such crosses began in the Eastern Church and was carried by the Serbian Monks to the Umbrian district of Italy. The Byzantine style was common in Italy before Cimabue and Giotto. The San Damiano Cross was one of a number of crosses painted with similar figures during the 12th century in Umbria. The purpose an icon cross was to teach the meaning of the event depicted and thereby strengthen the faith of the people.

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