St. Joseph Ceramic Plaque (9 1/4")


$ 39.99 

Size: 9 1/4" (23.5cm)
(Giuseppe, Jose, Josef, Yosef) [1st Century], husband of St. Mary, mother of Jesus, supported his family as a craftsman in the village of Nazareth and is an apt model of those who support their families by honest labor. He is the patron saint of the Church, carpenters, workingmen, social justice, travelers, the dying, of opposition to Communism, and of Austria, Belgium, Canada, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Vietnam and China. His feast days are March 19 and May 1.

This Ceramic represents a tradition of Benedictine craftsmanship. All of our ceramic pieces are 100 % handmade. Variations in clay and color are natural. 
Each piece is unique. Father Maur van Doorslaer, O.S.B. is the designer of this ceramic creation

Fr. Maur was born Etienne van Doorslaer in France in 1925. He grew up with three brothers and three sisters in Flanders, Belgium. His family were farmers and later flower growers. Beginning in 1942, he spent seven years studying in the Decorative Arts Department of Sint-Lucasinstituut in Ghent. He drew, sketched, painted and studied architecture and sculpture.

For 36 years, Father has spent five months (May to October) a year designing ceramics.


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