The Spiritual Life: A Treatise on Ascetical and Mystical Theology (Paperback) by Very Rev. Adolphe Tanqueray S.S.D.D.


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First published in 1930, The Spiritual Life remains the most comprehensive one-volume treatise on ascetical and mystical theology. Widely respected among members of the Catholic faith, this book depicts the human experience of spirituality by examining the nature of the soul, path to salvation, and strategies for strengthening one's union with God. Father Adolphe Tanquerey sources his inspirational guidance from Sacred Scripture in addition to the writings of spiritual leaders and saints, including Thomas Aquinas. In this pioneering and instructional work, Father Tanquerey has compiled a complete, practical, and orderly overview of all the questions concerning the spiritual life in one volume. Although initially intended for clergy, this text proves especially efficacious in showing faithful followers the path to piety.

The Reverend Father Adolphe Tanquerey, S.S., D.D., (1854-1932) was born in Blainville, France and joined the Society of St. Sulpice at the age of 18. After five years as a seminarian, he was ordained a priest and began his successful teaching career. His best known works include the three-volume Synopsis Theologiae Dogmaticae and comprehensive one-volume treatise The Spiritual Life.