The Staircase DVD (Barbara Hershey)


$ 16.95 

Her faith made a miracle.  His creation made a legend. 

The Staircase, based on the real legend of the "miraculous stairway" at the Sisters of Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico is an inspirational, life-affirming drama of hope and faith. Mother Madalyn's (Barbara Hershey) last wish is that her beloved chapel be completed. However when local carpenters built the chapel, they neglected to erect stairs up to the choir loft, and due to the chapel's construction, adding a staircase is now impossible. The arrival of Joad (William Petersen), may be the answer to Mother Madalyn's prayers.  

This movie is Not Rated

Winner- Screenwriting Competition Bronze Plaque and Columban International Film and Video Festival.

Winner- Paul Robert Langdon, Best Performance in a TV Movie-Young Actor     and Yound Artist Wards.  Includes shipping.