About Us


We are a Catholic family owned business who believe in prayer and the promoting of  prayer. Opening this store is just one more step in our journey of faith. Please read our story below.


I married my husband about 10 years ago. He was not Catholic at the time but did agree to raise our children Catholic and to marry in our Beautiful Church, so I agreed to Marry him. During our wedding ceremony we chose to bring flowers to the Blessed Mother (a Latin tradition) .We laid them at the base of a beautiful statue of our Lady of Grace in the Church. Interesting enough, by my husbands suggestion, we returned to the church the following day to give thanks to God for a wonderful wedding and reception. Of all places my husband could choose to kneel, he chose to do so right back in front of Our Lady's statue. We gave thanks to our Lord Jesus before her. Well, I think that must have been very pleasing to Him and His mother. The graces flowed .....  One Month Later he asked the Priest where he could find out more about the church. He directed him to the R.C.I.A.. 3 months later he became Catholic, 1 month later we both joined the Legion of Mary (his choice from the groups we looked at).

Joining the Legion of Mary has led us to very rich prayer life. We have learned the value of praying with our Blessed Mother , the Angels and the wonderful Saints, to the Lord our God Jesus Christ. I can not begin to tell you all the blessings our marriage received through this devotion. One I will mention is our beautiful daughter who just happened to be born on the eve of our Blessed Mother's birthday and the day the Legion of Mary was formed. This seemed to solidify our conviction that the Legion of Mary is our Vocation. Unique Catholic Gifts comes from our love for prayer and our Holy Catholic Church. Unique Catholic Gifts allows us to further the promotion of the Catholic faith, encourage our brothers and sisters in prayer and lend us flexibility to carry out our vocation.

We are so glad you have taken the time to visit us here at Unique Catholic Gifts. We hope you will find something that help you and your loved ones in their journey of faith. Please feel free to share with us both your testimonies and your prayer request.

In God's Love,

Gary and Cynthia