Adoption: Should You, Could You, and Then What? by Dr. Ray Guarendi


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Do you know anyone who is looking for straightforward information about adoption for themselves or others? Are you interested in learning more about adoption and finding answers to common concerns?

In his latest book, Adoption: Should You, Could You, and Then What?, Dr. Ray Guarendi — renowned clinical psychologist and father of ten adopted children — provides authentic answers to challenging, real-life questions. With humor and wisdom, Dr. Ray draws from professional and personal experience, as well as scientific research, to allay frequent misconceptions. Issues he addresses include:

  • frustrations about the adoption process, including why couples have to wait so long 
  • healthy motives and reasons to adopt
  • how to make adopted children feel special
  • adopting children of various ages and if it will impact “birth order”
  • relationships (if any) between adopted children and their birth parents
  • rearing children with “special needs”
  • adopting children of other races
  • tips for responding to difficult reactions
  • talking to children about their adoption stories
  • whether adoptive children should be treated differently

Dr. Ray’s counsel in Adoption is relatable to all families. In an increasingly socially disconnected world, Dr. Ray reminds us that, through commitment and bonding, parents enable children to thrive at “home and beyond.” In discussing how to choose, live, and love adoption, Dr. Ray emphasizes that “a loving, strong parent can do much to put a child on the path to recovery” and counsels, “Never let the opinions of others overrule your decision to adopt.”