New Catholic Bibles (NCB)

New Catholic Bibles  (NCB)

Introducing the NEW CATHOLIC BIBLE (NCB): This translation has been completed by a board of highly qualified Scripture scholars under the direction of Rev. Jude Winkler, OFM Conv., S.S.L., the same team behind the acclaimed New Catholic Version of The Psalms (2002) and The New Testament (2015). Their goal was to provide a translation that is as close to the original texts as possible, using the best available Hebrew and Greek sources. With extensive explanatory notes from leading Catholic scholars, the NCB offers a faithful and accurate version of the sacred text in clear and meaningful language. This edition also features the renowned St. Joseph format, which has been developed over seventy years to ensure ease of use and understanding. Additional features, such as maps, time charts, and illustrations, provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and its author, God. Discover the NCB, the new trusted translation for English-speaking Catholics worldwide.