Blessed Mother

Why should we have a deep love to our Lady?

Why should we have a deep love to our Lady?

We should have a deep love to our Lady because she was: a. chosen by God to have his only begotten Son; b. was the one who taught Jesus how to: walk, pray, wash and all the little things to make human life so beautiful.

Now she is willing to help us, teach us how to be all for Jesus alone, how to love Jesus, how to touch him and see him, to serve him in disguise.

Our Blessed Mother she was there from the beginning of Jesus birth till his death.  Her heart was pierced when they pierced his.   

Mary our Lady, chosen to be there with the Apostles on Pentescost Day, so they would be filled with the Holy Spirit.  She is full of Grace.  God honored her with graces to be given to us through her.  Blessed Mother please pour on the Graces we need today to please God. 

She was born without sin, chosen from the beginning to be the Mother of Jesus and without sin she left this world.  She was assumpt into Heaven.  The first 1,500 years all Christians Celebrated the Assumption of Mary.  Queen of Angels and Saints in Heaven crown with the twelve stars. 

In the ten commandments: Honor Thy Mother and Father.   That is another reason why to have a deep love for her she is our Mother in Heaven and Jesus Mother.   

Thank you God for opening our eyes to have this deep love to our Lady.