Statues for Dad

Statues that men tend to like.
View all !4 inch Saint Jude Statue . Anthony of Padua 10 inch statue of St Paul 10" 10" holy family statue 10" tatue 11" st. Michael statue 3 1/2" statue 3 3/4" 4 inch Saint Christopher statue 4 inch statue of Joseph 4" 4" good shepherd statue 4" sleeping st. Joseph 4" statue of jesus 5" st mark 6 inch 6 inch Francis statue 6 inch saint anthony figurine 6 inches 6" 8 inch Jesus of Prague 8 Inch statue Joseph 8" saint philip statue add on Aiya and Catholic studies. and Schoolchildren and sudden death angel Angel Statue angel staue Anthony Arch archangel Archangel Michael statue archangel satue archangel statue atholic Schools auto crucifix dashboard Baby Jesus Statue baptism baptism of Jesus Benedict Blessed Mother Blessed Mother Statue Blessed Virgin blue and gold Brnze bronze bronze saint michael statue Bronze St. Joseph bronze statue car saint car statue carpenter Cathedral Arch catholic Catholic Book Catholic Saint Catholic Saint statue catholic statue child child Jesus child Jesus statue Christian marriage Christmas christmas figure Christopher collection Colleges colored st michael statue Confirmation confirmation gift Della Robia Devotion to Jesus divine child divine child jesus divine child statue divine mercy Divine Mercy pocket statue divine mercy statue Divino Nino Doctor/Nurses el nino de praga Enthronement of the sacred heart of Jesus. entronement of the sacred heart of Jesus Europe Europe Kidney Disease Monk figure figurine figurine Saint Mark' filigree Franciscan Saint garden garden statuary garden statue Gift Sets good shepherd statue hailstorms happy meetings Holy Family Holy Family figurine holy family nativity holy family statue indoor infaant Infant Jesus infant Jesus of Prague infant of Prague statue infant prague Jesus Jesus at the Door Jesus Knocking Jesus Mary and Joseph Jesus of Prague Jesus Statue JMJ John john the Baptist joseph Joseph and Jesus Joseph Jesus Carpenter joseph the carpenter Joseph the worker statue small Jude Kidney Disease knock at the door light of the world Mama Mary manger Mary Mary Statue matchmakers medical workers Military Items mini statue Monks Mosaic Window Mother of God Statue nativity Nativity statue Nino Nino Jesus nurses ornament Our Lady of Grace Our Lady Statue outdoor Padre Pio padre pio 10" Padua palm trees Patron saint of Patron Saint of travel Patron Saint of adolescents patron saint of animals statue Patron saint of drivers Patron Saint of Ireland statue Patron saint of motorist Patron saint of Stress Patron saints of animals physicians Pieta Statue 10" pocket gifts pocket prayers pocket st. joseph pocket statue pocket staute Poisoning prague produce protector against toothaches rachel Renaissance Resin and Stone Sacred Heart Sacred heart of Jesus Sacred heart of Jesus Statue Saint saint anthony of padua statue Saint Anthony pocket statue Saint Anthony statue Saint Benedict pocket statue Saint Benedict Statue 9" Saint Christopher pocket statue Saint Francis Saint Gabriel Saint Gabriel Figurine Saint Joseph Saint Joseph Cathedral Saint Joseph figurine saint joseph statue saint joseph the worker saint joseph the worker statue Saint Jude Saint Jude Figurine Saint Jude pocket statue Saint Jude Statue saint mark statue Saint Michael Saint Michael pocket statue saint michael statue saint michael the archangel statue saint michael weigh souls statue saint of travelers Saint Padre Pio pocket statue Saint Patrick Saint Patrick figurine Saint Patrick Statue Saint patrick's day gift saint philip statue saint raphael statue Saint Sebastian Saint Statue Saints Saints figures Schoolchildren Schools Sebastian shop six inch Saint Anthony statue sleeping joseph sleeping Joseph 8 inch sleeping joseph figurine sleeping joseph statue sleeping st joseph statue small statue of St. Dominic small statue of St. John small statue of St. Mark small statue St. Christopher sports St St Christopher St Joseph Collection st joseph statue St Joseph Studio collectiojn St Jude 6 inch St Mark small statue st michael statue St Patrick statue St Patrick's Day Gift St Paul Statue St Paul with book Statue St. St. Anthony St. Anthony of Padua St. Christopher St. Dominic statue st. gabriel statue St. Gabriel the Archangel St. Gabriel the Archangel statue St. John Statue St. John the Baptist St. John Vianney Statue St. Joseph st. Joseph car statue St. Joseph statue st. mark St. Mark statue st. Michael St. Michael statue St. Patrick Statues st. Raphael St. Thomas Aquinas statue St.Joseph Statues standing plaque statue statue infant prague 6" statue Joseph the worker statue of infant jesus statue of jospeh Statue of saint Christopher statue of St. Anthony statue of St. Sebastian statue of the divine child statue of the sacred heart of jesus statue saint patrick statue St. Gabriel the Archangel statue St. John Vianney statue st. joseph statue St. Thomas Aquinas Statues Stigmata Stigmatism Students style the blind tiny Saint Michael statue tiny divine mercy statue tiny Saint Anthony statue tiny Saint Christopher statue tiny Saint Jude statue tiny Saint Padre Pio statue travel travelers Virgin Mary Virgin Mary statue Virigin Mary

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