Our Lady of Guadalupe Figure; Renaissance Collection 11.25"H


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    Our Lady of Guadalupe Figure.

    Dear mother, we love you. We thank you for your promise to help us in our need. We trust in your love that dries our tears and comforts us. Teach us to find our peace in your son, Jesus, and bless us every day of our lives. From the Renaissance collection, this figure on the base is beautifully detailed with rich coloring; a nice size to put on a shelf or table or anywhere in a home, office or church as a thoughtful addition to any space.

    Features : 

    • Material: Resin, Stone Mix
    • Dimensions: 11.25"H 4.75"W 2.5"D
    • Carefully constructed of high-quality resin and stone material, to be enjoyed for many years to come. Extremely durable and long lasting.

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