Catholic Bible Storybook Bundle

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$ 29.99 

Journey through the Bible with the Catholic Bible Storybook.  

The only Catholic bible that comes with 30 animated videos.

Catholic Bible Storybook, DVD and Coloring Book

The Catholic Bible Storybook will take your children on the adventure of a lifetime as they learn that the Bible is a love letter from our Creator!

 From Creation to Adam and Eve, from the Fall of Man to the covenants God made to Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David, children will experience the true story of God’s incredible love for you and me.

 Follow the life of Jesus, His teachings, miracles, and parables.

 Walk with Jesus through the suffering of the cross to the glory of the Resurrection!

 Learn about the gift Jesus lovingly offers all of us, the greatest gift of all: forgiveness of sin and an invitation to become sons and daughters of God and to live with Him forever!

 Experience the life of the early Church, as God’s gifts are poured out on His people.

The Catholic Bible Storybook will help children of all ages understand the Bible and the story of salvation, meet the heroes of the Bible, and witness God’s deep and abiding love for us.