Christian's Guide to Character/Success by Rev Edward F Garesche


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  • How to live a life of nobility and goodness — even in corrupt and confusing times.

    Here is a complete guide to mature, responsible, even noble behavior in our complex modern society. Written in the 1930s by Edward F. Garesché and steeped in the wisdom of the ages, these pages teach the timeless principles that have led countless souls to true success and lasting happiness.

    Filled with savvy advice on how to deal with the practical problems faced by all those who strive to live their lives nobly and well, this book teaches you:

    • How to discipline your imagination so that it won’t lead you astray;
    • How to tell the critical difference between pleasure and happiness;
    • How to strengthen your will to ensure that you always choose the good;
    • How to maintain a healthy mind and resist temptations;
    • How to practice fortitude and grow temperate.


    Once you assimilate the wisdom here, you will know how to find genuine success — the kind of success that transcends money, fame, and worldly pleasure.