Glikofilousa (Blue) - Arched Gold Leaf


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Glikofilousa (Blue) - Arched Gold Leaf


Its wonderful story is connected with the tragic period of the iconoclasm: At the beginning of the 9th century in Constantinople, a pious woman named Victoria had in her house the icon of Virgin Mary Glykophilousa. Fearing the attitude of the iconoclasts towards the icons but also the punishments they imposed on those Christians who had icons, she decided to hide the icon in order to save it from destruction.

Having nothing better to do, she went to a shore and prayed in front of the icon, asking the Virgin Mary to take care of it. After bowing for the last time, she threw the icon into the sea. With miraculous way, the icon stood upright on the sea surface and started sailing. After a while, the icon of Panagia Glykophilousa landed in the area of Mount Athos.

The icon of Panagia Glikofilousa is located today in the Holy Monastery of Filotheou. The miraculous icon is highly revered by the monks but also by the pilgrims who flock to receive its grace, especially on Great and Holy Monday.

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