Icon of Trust Mary in the Gospels of Luke and John by Fr. Slawomir Szkredka, S.S.D.


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Here is the singular book you need to grow in total abandonment to divine providence and deepen your trust in God — and to appreciate as your mother and model in faith Mary, whose loving obedience is central to the achievement of your salvation.

Icon of Trust juxtaposes the Blessed Mother’s trustful and unwavering yes to the archangel Gabriel with Zechariah’s doubt and hesitation. You will learn how Mary’s total surrender, as the tabernacle of the Lord, ushered in your redemption. Whether searching for the Child Jesus for three days or standing at the foot of the Cross, Our Lady remained a faithful witness to His love.

This small book will unveil for you the ways in which the Virgin Mary teaches us to trust in Jesus — such as in the episodes of the Wedding at Cana and the Upper Room. It will show you how Old Testament words and events are fulfilled in Our Lady’s mission and how, as the New Eve, Mary mediates for us at Calvary and Jesus entrusts us to her maternal, intercessory care. It also reveals how Mary’s self-emptying, or kenosis, aids in the salvation of the world. 

You will learn the parallels between Our Lady and the Temple and will explore the meanings of the “Ark of the New Covenant” and “Daughter Zion.” And you will delight in how this essential feminine symbol of Israel elucidates the Wedding Feast of the Lamb in the Bible. 

Icon of Trust reflects upon the deep meaning of the words Totus Tuus. Through the lens of Scripture and Catholic authors, it explains how to place yourself in the hands of Mary and love Jesus with her heart. Best of all, Icon of Trust explains how Mary was created by God “full of grace” and sheds light on her key role in building up the early Church community. This book will help you realize your call to:

  • Imitate Our Lady’s fiat at the Annunciation and rejoice in her Magnificat

  • Accept that God first loved you and then respond to His overture with love

  • Foster docility by emulating Mary’s heart of openness and simplicity

  • Be attentive like the Blessed Mother and ponder God’s mysteries in your heart

  • Follow Our Lady’s childlike faith, even in dark and difficult times

  • Pray with Mary for the coming of the Holy Spirit and the salvation of souls