Light of Assisi: The Story of Saint Clare by Margaret Carney


$ 16.99 

For centuries St. Clare of Assisi has been a lesser-known saint simply because she was overshadowed by the giant that is St. Francis. This biography not only tells the story of their intertwined lives, but more importantly highlights the extraordinary contributions Clare made to the Franciscan world following Francis’s death. This book is her story from birth until death in 1253.


Sr. Margaret Carney captures who this medieval woman was and interprets it in a way modern readers will understand. It provides answers to all the questions about why we knew so little about St. Clare but have overflowing information about St. Francis. Clare offers readers two valuable lessons; firstly, the significant importance that women—and particularly this extraordinary woman—played in the Franciscan story. Secondly, it is that Clare’s importance stems from the fact that she, the recipient of a gift from the Spirit of the Lord, had her own charisma that made her special. She is in fact one of the most remarkable and influential saints from medieval Christianity. European experts in early Franciscan history have tirelessly worked on the preservation and at extending our knowledge of Saint Clare of Assisi. Yet it wasn’t until the last 50 years that the English-speaking world became familiar with her because the materials just were not readily available. Thankfully, a number of biographical studies and related documents,

translations of her writings, and the clearer understanding of poetry, art, music, and theatrical offerings at the time she was alive paint a more accurate picture and enrich the story of this fascinating and influential woman.