Our Lady of the Rosary Small - 6 in. DS


$ 27.99 
SKU: 581A

Introducing our exquisite hand-painted "Our Lady of the Rosary" small plaque, a beautiful and timeless piece of art to cherish for years to come. This plaque captures the serene image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, adorned in a blue mantle and white veil, with a rosary in her hands. The intricate details on this plaque are hand-painted by our skilled artisans, showcasing the radiant beauty and divine grace of the Mother of God.

Crafted from premium quality materials, this plaque is made to last, and the hand-painted finish adds a unique and personal touch. Measuring a compact size, this plaque is perfect for small spaces, making it an ideal addition to your home altar, prayer corner, or office. The striking colors and detailed design make this plaque a perfect gift for a loved one on any occasion. 

This item is only available for online orders, this is not in our physical store