Purple Velvet Scapular 2 x 2"


$ 5.99 

The Mother of God and her son Jesus gave the Purple Scapular to the approved Catholic mystic, Marie-Julie Jahenny, to protect your family from the worst possible natural disasters and supernatural dangers. Jahenny foretold (along with other approved Catholic visionaries) that a worldwide "judgment-in-miniature" known as the Warning is coming to the entire world, followed by great chastisements.

Mary: "Divine wrath will not strike."
Our Lady urged all of us to prominently display this "unknown" Purple Scapular on a wall in our homes. Those who do this "will see their family and home protected... from fires, chastisements, storms, and darkness. They will have light as if it were as plain as day."

She said it is "like a lightning rod beneath which the blows of divine wrath will not strike." Even intruders bent on harm will be struck down.


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