Sleeping St. Joseph Small - 4 1/4 in.


$ 27.99 
SKU: 907C1M

The "Sleeping St. Joseph Mini" is a beautifully crafted figurine that depicts Saint Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, in a peaceful and restful sleep. Made of high-quality resin, this mini figurine is exquisitely detailed, standing at a height of approximately 2.5 inches, making it a perfect size for display on a desk, shelf, or prayer altar.

The figurine features Saint Joseph reclining on a bed, with his head resting on a pillow and his arms folded across his chest. His eyes are closed in peaceful slumber, as he rests in the knowledge that God is watching over him and his family. The figurine is designed to inspire devotion and faith in the hearts of believers, reminding them of the importance of trust and surrender to God's will.

The "Sleeping St. Joseph Mini" is not only a beautiful piece of home decor, but also a powerful symbol of faith and devotion. It serves as a perfect reminder of the importance of rest, trust, and surrender in our daily lives, and of the power of faith to bring us peace and comfort in even the most difficult of times.

This mini figurine is a perfect gift for anyone seeking to deepen their devotion to Saint Joseph, or to inspire a loved one to trust more fully in God's plan. With its exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and powerful symbolism, the "Sleeping St. Joseph Mini" is sure to become a cherished part of any spiritual collection, reminding the owner of God's constant love and care, and inspiring them to trust more fully in His plan for their lives.