St. Benedict Hematite Rosary (8mm)


$ 29.99 
SKU: 26-638

Strong heavy St. Benedict Rosary is made up of Benedictine medals and Hematite beads. Silver and black Benedictine Crucifix and a Large Benedict medal Center piece. Set up for spiritual warfare and protection.

The hematite rosary beads is 8mm Metal Divine Mercy Beads, it makes the rosary looks more beautiful and easy to pray, you can pray with your eyes closed and know you have reached the end of a decade and can meditate on the next Mystery of the rosary.



  • The Beautiful hematite beads rosary choose high quality materials, dia. 8mm hematite beads.
  • Could wear daily for the rosary necklace or hang on the rearview mirror of your car, truck, or portable pocket for long driving or travel to keep calm and feel safe in hearts.
  • Quality craftsmanship is clearly visible, and its weight lends credence to material quality.
  • A wonderful gift to any Catholic man that does not require an occasion or event because giving a rosary to a loved one is a sign that goods things will come forth from this gift.  A simple transparent gift box houses this precious gift.


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