St Therese DVD:True story St Therese of Lisieux


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St Therese de Lisieux DVD:
Heralded as one of the most inspiring films in recent years.  Therese recounts the life of Therese of Lisieux, th emost popular saint of modern times.  A bourgeois girl from a Victorian French family, Therese journeyed to Rome to beg Pope Leo XIII for permission to enter the Carmelite monastery at the unheard -of age of 15.  Through the rigors of monastic life, she made the surprising yet simple discovery that holiness can be achieved by small acts of love and compassion-a spiritual path she called her "Little Way".  This film is a beautiful retreat into the world of a remarkable young girl who fell in love with God.  A drama of tragedy and triumph, Therese presents the true story of an ordinary girl with an extraordinary soul.

El DVD de Santa Theresa de Lisieux.  Viene en Ingles y con subtitulos en Espanol, Ingles y Frances.