War on Virtue: How the Ruling Class is Killing the American Dream by Bill Donohue


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In this monumental book by one of the Church’s greatest contemporary defenders, Bill Donohue explains how the ruling class is systematically undermining the virtues that have built Western civilization and producing a “moral holocaust” that the traditional family cannot withstand. 

These radical elites have rejected the idea of personal sin and replaced it with social injustice. They’ve rejected traditional values and replaced them with a dangerously misguided individualism that is misusing our liberties to destroy freedom as we’ve known it. 

In his incomparable, no-holds-barred style, Donohue offers a commonsense solution to restoring the virtues in the workplace and defending universal morality. You will learn the hard-hitting truth about the dangers of multiculturalism, the “blame America” campaign, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Critical Race Theory. This book also unveils:
  • The greatest enemies of the poor and of education 
  • Three vital virtues that lead to achievement and happiness
  • Four groups that embody these vital virtues
  • Four bedrocks of virtue and, conversely, its greatest killer 
  • Key aspects to the American Dream (and how they’re being squashed!)
  • Grit Scale factor and how we can “re-norm” society
  • Specific traits that successful cultures, families, and individuals exemplify
Through Donohue’s incisive research and insights, you will also learn how today’s public officials are failing even the highest achievers and how the victim mentality they propagate is hurting those who need help the most.
Rich with historical sources, contemporary examples, Catholic teachings, and hero testimonies from Mother Teresa to Dorothy Day to athletes and social activists, Donohue’s book arms readers with tools to stem the tide and restore authentic character, faith, and patriotism to our land.