Child Mary Statue (5-1/2")


$ 22.99 
SKU: 536A

Introducing our Child Mary Statue - a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to the childhood of the Virgin Mary that will bring peace and serenity to any home or sacred space.

Crafted from high-quality materials and expertly designed, this small plaque features a beautifully detailed image of the young Virgin Mary in soft, gentle hues. The intricate details of her face and clothing are carefully rendered, creating a lifelike image that exudes innocence and purity.

The Child Mary Small Statue is not only a beautiful work of art, but it also serves as a powerful reminder of the humble beginnings of the Virgin Mary. Whether used for prayer, meditation, or simply as a decorative piece, this plaque will bring comfort and inspiration to all who see it.

Measuring the perfect size for display on a small altar, bedside table, or as part of a collection, the Child Mary Small statue is a versatile piece that will fit seamlessly into any home or sacred space. It also comes ready to hang, with a hook on the back for easy installation.

Overall, the Child Mary statue is a stunning and meaningful work of art that will be cherished for years to come. It makes for a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for anyone seeking to deepen their faith and connection to the childhood of the Virgin Mary.


Handmade in Colombia. Hand painted by local Artisans (Widows from the local violence) and finely crafted. The quality can be seen throughout the workmanship. The detail amazing Truly a unique gift statue.

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