Girls First Communion Gift Set:Arm Band, Candle and 6 other items


$ 37.99  $ 39.99

Brand New Gift Set for Girl's First Communion

This adorable gift set includes special items for your child's special day. Priority shipping is available.

This is a wonderfully decorated gift set and comes in the Vinyl bag shown 8 piece set includes:

* White Candle (Jesus giving Communion to a girl)-decorative candle,

* Arm Band with Golden Threat Chalise Hand Maid,

* Gift Scented Rosary with Chalice,

* Golden pin with Chalice,

* Girl's Missal Remembrance Book: "Child of God" - Available in English only,

* Green Scapular,

* Saint Benedict medal,

* Miraculous Medal,

* Elegant Vinyl Bag to come in with an elegant gift.


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