Parent's Guide To Adoration


$ 13.99 

The Parent's Guide for Adoration was created to help parents feel more comfortable in Adoration. The booklet is half pep talk (what to do in adoration, how to prepare your children and your own heart for adoration) and half ideas of what to do while in adoration (key prayers, words for common devotions, a guide for praying for specific people).

This guide was created to be the ONE BOOK that a parent would need to bring to a Holy Hour.

The 63-page journal is based on the Psalms and includes:
• 19 Psalms and reflections.
• Questions for children to think about and room to write prayers and thoughts.
• Coloring pages to complement the Psalms and reflections.
• Blank pages for drawing or journaling
• Pages to track prayers for specific people
• Additional prayers for Adoration
• Terms to know about Adoration
• Guide for praying in Adoration, to help children appreciate and understand their time before the Lord.
• 7" x 9"

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