The Confirmation Preparation Manual by Steve Kellmeyer


$ 5.95 

This manual will help anyone prepare for the sacrament of confirmation or prepare someone else for the sacrament.

Part I is organized according to the plan of St. Thomas Aquinas. It contains
* the full text of the basic prayers that any sacramental candidate should know.
* a selection from the Baltimore Catechism on:
The Trinity,
The Incarnation and Redemption,
The seven Sacraments, with emphasis on Confirmation,
The Two Great Laws and the Ten Commandments

Part II contains a summary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church's discussion of catechism, complete with article references to that catechism. It also has questions and answers from the Baltimore Catechism covering the elements of the rite, the role of sponsors, of parents and the duties of confirmands.

Part III contains prayers specifically for Confirmation and the candidate, along with the complete text used in the Extraordinary Form of the rite of Confirmation.

It also contains a section for note-taking at the back of the book.

This is the most complete and concise confirmation guide available today.