The Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph at Ephesus


$ 19.95 

This new album from the Benedictines of Mary presents a remarkable selection of songs and chants honoring the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts and the Pure Heart of St. Joseph, the great father and protector of the Church. Includes 23 English and Latin pieces with some traditional hymns and familiar prayers, but also introduces many lovely new compositions drawing fresh beauty from the riches of these sacred themes.

Track listing:

Within Thy Sacred Heart 
Sub Tuum
Blessed Be St. Joseph (BofM original)
Dulcis et Rectos (chant)
I Am Thine
O Heart of Jesus, Heart of God (BofM original)
O Felicem Virum (chant)
Ave Maris Stella (chant)
Hymn to St. Joseph (BofM original)
Cogitationes Cordis (chant)
O Heart of Mary
Adjutor et Protector (chant)
Heart of the Infant King (BofM original)
The Blessed Heart (BofM original)
Cor Dulce 
Exultabit Cor Meum (chant)
O Child of Beauty Rare (BofM original)
Adeamus cum Fiducia (chant)
Sancta et Immaculata
For Love of Me (BofM original)
Iste Quem Læti (chant)
Alleluia- Magnificat (chant)
Hymn to the Three Hearts (original)