The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima DVD


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THE STORY THAT TOUCHED THE HEARTS OF UNTOLD MILLIONS Each year Christian believers from around the world throng the Portugese village of Fatima. Here they worship God - and remember the children who first heralded THE MIRACLE OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA. This much-loved movie thoughtfully recreates the 1917 events that brought hope and new religious fervor to a war ravaged world. Three peasant youths see a vision: a woman in a cloud of light offering words of faith and prophecy. They face skepticism and torture - but are soon embraced by faithful masses drawn by the promise of a miracle. Director John Brahm skillfully balances simplicity and spectacle, all powerfully supported by Max Steiner's Oscar nominated score. As the New York Journal-American observed, the movie "lights up the screen like a ray of sunshine." INCLUDES THEATRICAL TRAILER/LANGUAGES-ENGLISH & FRANCAIS/ SUBTITLES ENGLISH, FRANCAIS & ESPANOL NOT RATED/RUNNING TIME 102 MINUTES